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If you're facing house repossession/eviction, or high mortgage arrears/problems ... we are here to help!

We can stop the repossession/eviction process, pay off your mortgage, can help clear your debts and make you an instant cash offer for your house in as little as 1 hour.

Your Benefits from using us ...

  • Stay in your home longer..
  • Move in a time to suit you..
  • Your Home Repossession/Eviction Stopped fast.
  • We work with all lenders, big or small.
  • We work to timescales that suit you!
  • 100% No Fees or Financial outlay on your part.
  • Unbeatable Cash Offer for your house.
  • Our cash offer stands firm.
  • Bad credit history prevented.
  • Get a local independent valuation you trust.

Even if you have a suspended repossession order we can help when no other company can.

To see if you qualify, fill out our Stop Repossession Test on the right.

Testimonial Not only did Rapid Sale stop our repossession within 1 hour! they covered all the legal fees and achieved a fast sale, at the very last minute after being let down by another so called specialist.
Tracey Ingle - Leeds.

So don't let your bank/lender take away your property, not only do you lose your house and end up being evicted causing you stress, it also can negatively impact your credit rating, affecting future borrowing capabilities in the future, meaning you would never qualify for a mortgage or loan again. Repossession and Eviction is always the last resort but if you are facing this problem we can take you out of it cleanly, fast and stress free, we do all the work. Don't be duped into entering an agreement with a debt management company who lead you to believe they can sort out your affairs which often leads into high upfront fees and more monthly costs.

Rapid Sale are the biggest Repossession Law experts in the UK, with over 20 years combined experience we can advise you accordingly and help stop repossession / eviction with our rapid house sale process..

We can stop any repossession order/eviction within 1 hour! thats it!, and offer you instant-cash & get your life back on track!

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Rapid Sale are the No.1 Repossession Stoppers in the UK, we are 100% transparent on how we work and what we can achieve. We STOP Repossession/Eviction for Free Via a Fast Property Sale. We follow through on timescales to suit you and pay top prices for property.

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"The double dip recession sees rise to 1000s more house evictions per year."


"A couple who feared losing their home after a loan of less than £36,000 spiralled to more than £380,000 expressed their relief last night after Rapid Sale helped."


"People shouldn't be embarrassed about facing repossession or eviction, in the current economic climate its becoming a very common thing."

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